Never a Better Time to Reinvent Society

BY: Kathryn Pollard
POSTED May 15, 2020 IN

The smartest protection against a virus is also our golden opportunity to fix our food and energy.

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Thinking beyond this pandemic, we have a onetime opportunity to fix society’s most damaging systems, in particular, the energy and agricultural sectors. To reinvent them could give us a strategy to confront the biggest threats to humanity, along with a bonus of addressing inequity and poverty to boot. We cannot afford to waste this never-to-be-seen-again opportunity.1

We see our fragile food system hit as the coronavirus has forced closures of several major meat processing plants with high infection rates among workers. These were not …

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I have the greatest job in the world as a researcher of health, lifestyle, plant-based nutrition, and as a nutrition educator teaching others about the powers of a whole-food plant-based diet, as I get to be witness to countless people improving their health, gaining vitality, combating disease, and also eating in the most beneficial way to preserve our planet.
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