Eating Does It

Eating Does It

Healing Ourselves and Our Planet with Food
by Kathryn Pollard, with Stacey Verardo

Eating Does It asserts that the most effective action a person can take to address the world’s most pressing problems: climate and disease, is to adopt a whole food plant-based diet. It emits the least greenhouse gas, uses the least amount of our limited resources, and is the most available tool we have to  heal and maintain health, both inside and out. This clear and accessible guide offers the big-picture climate science and health information people need to make transformative food choices for their well-being and the future of all of us. Just eating can do that!

What Readers Will Find:

  • This straightforward guide points to the most accessible tool that we have to address the biggest challenges we face as a global community.
  • Eating Does It clarifies how health, disease and the mechanisms of a changing climate work, and is a reference to return to over and over again.
  • It lays out the most immediate action to take to address our biggest challenges – what we eat.
  • Food is the most effective tool we have against chronic disease and the loss of our precious, life-supporting planet, the only home we have.
  • It’s fun to read and offers a treasure trove of information as it highlights both severe climate events as well as chronic disease epidemics around the world.
  • We don’t have to wait for decision-makers, their legislation, or infrastructure, we simply need to eat responsibly
  • This concise handbook uplifts the reader as they learn about health, nutrition and the details of our fragile planet
  • Elements included that I love:
    • Critical-thinking checklist to analyze any claim in the media
    • Recipes! Simple, delicious dishes inspired by world cuisine that are simple to make and the healthiest around
    • Kathy’s Four Food Rules to Protect Our Health and the Planet’s  
    • Simple tables showing the clear Indicators of a changing climate, and one showing the drivers of chronic disease
    • Solutions! Actions for easy improvements, personally, nationally and globally
  • It’s a simple guide to science
  • Guaranteed to benefit any reader, and so also our vibrant planet that we so closely depend on; just eating can do that
  • The world can’t heal without you

Advance Praise:

“Pollard scribed a deep dive into the nexus of food and climate. It’s a delicious must read! I intend to incorporate it into my paleoclimate class.”

Stacey Verardo, PhD
Professor, department of atmospheric, oceanic, and earth sciences, George Mason University

I am happy to support this book that shares the life-saving vision of FOK”— healing people and the climate through whole food plant-based nutrition.”

Brian Wendel
Executive producer of Forks Over Knives, the film that became a movement

Climate Party! is an easily digestible guide to change the world. Eating a plant-based diet is the single greatest action you can take to protect the planet and your own health and Kathy Pollard lays out the blueprint for maximum success.”

Julianna Hever, MS., RD, CPT
Celebrity plant-based dietitian

“The foods that protect and restore health are the same for both people and the planet!  Kathy does an outstanding job of addressing the inextricable connectedness of the foods we eat and their impact on the environment. Consuming a whole food, plant-predominant diet is the Rx that can treat and, often, reverse disease, while also helping to protect our precious natural resources, rein in greenhouse gas emissions and feed our ever-growing world population.  It’s a win-win-win! ‘Eating Does It’ is a must-read for everyone interested in their own health and that of the planet on which we live.”

Susan Benigas
Executive Director, American College of Lifestyle Medicine

This simple guide is incredibly important and timely. It’s now or never. The public needs to be informed and given a clear call to action to preserve our planet, as this book does.”

James Cromwell
Oscar-nominated actor and activist

A book on animal agriculture and global warning ought to rank high priority for everyone. With Kathy Pollard, extraordinary plant-based nutritionist married to a climatologist, the book is a needed addition to the conversation on a timely topic.

T. Colin Campbell, PhD
Cornell University Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry; best-selling author (The China Study, Whole)

Kathy Pollard

Eating Does It: Healing Ourselves and Our Planet with Food
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