What bubbles up when Kathy speaks is the solution. She reveals the most effective tool we have to overcome disease and find optimal health, which is also the solution for securing our future world. She tells you what that is and how you overcome despair. (Spoiler alert: It’s the food!). As a nutrition instructor and researcher, she witnesses healing every day, and shares the evidence with conviction and clarity. The executive director of the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies has called Kathy “the best of the best” educator.

Book Kathy to present at your conference or event. She speaks on a number of topics, particularly on sustainability, plant-based nutrition, and the nexus between food, agriculture and global warming, including:

1. Whose Job is It Anyway? – Our Obligation to Promote Sustainable Dietary Patterns that Protect the Planet

2. “Fork This!” – How to Combat Climate Change with Your Fork

3. 10 Tips You May Not Want to Know Towards a Healthy Diet for You and the Planet

4. Calorie Density, Weight and Health – Now I Get It!

5. Make Your Business Environmentally Sustainable

Contact Kathy directly here , call (814) 861-3921, or contact manager Cristen Iris at cristen@cristeniris.com.

Upcoming Speaking Events:

Rochester Vegan Society, November 17

Mount Nittany Medical Center Diabetes Support Group, December 12

Juniata College Environmental Club at the Ecohouse, December

Healing the Hungry Heart: Retreat to cultivate a healthy relationship with food. Feb 13-16, 2020

Plant-based Prevention Of Disease (P-POD) conference: Pledge towards Zero Waste: May 30-June 1, 2020

North American Vegan SummerFest, July 2020: 4 talks TBD, potentially:
— Sustainability
— Steps towards adopting a plant-based diet
— Climate change and agriculture

Previous Events:

North American Vegan Society Summerfest:

Power of Food to Heal Summit Interview

P-POD in Raleigh: The Sustainability Factor: Do Healthcare Professionals Have a Responsibility?

— Easy Steps to a Sustainable Diet
— Combating Climate Change w/ Fork
— Affordable Ways to Incorporate Whole Plant Foods
— 10 Tips for a Healthy Diet That’ll Save The Planet

Mount Nittany Med. Center Diabetes Support: Calorie Density, Weight and Health

Think Thin Show Summit: Sustainable Diet Plan for Weight Loss and the Planet

Central PA Vegan Meetup: Kathy’s Sustainable Diet Projects

Webster’s Bookstore and Cafe: Earth Hour Climate Party!