A Valuable Summit to Learn the HOW – Simple Ways to Eat for Health

BY: Kathryn Pollard
POSTED August 3, 2018 IN
This is a Good One!

I am excited to share with you a new, life-changing summit, which includes my interview with the host – Please meet Wendla – a busy professional immersed in her community, who healed herself with a plant-based diet, and is passionate enough about the power of food to create this effective series of interviews.

Here’s Wendla’s inspiring message to you:

Hi, I’m  Wendla Cook, caregiver and career professional always on the go. Three years ago I lost my health insurance. I needed to get healthy for a job and insurance, so decided to transition to a plant-based diet to improve my health. The process was so easy because, without a job, I had unlimited free time to prepare lavish, delicious, plant-based meals (with 10 to 15 ingredients) daily, make smoothies every morning (sometimes twice a day), and visit the supermarket four to five times a week. But eating a plant-based diet allowed me to feel great, look great, and drop excess weight.

However, after a year I went back to work, taking a sales job that required me to be on the road daily. I found it impossible to maintain a plant-based diet in the manner I had become accustom to. Processed food became my go-to meal on the road, because there was not time to cook. That’s when I became sluggish, developed mood swings, and started gaining weight. I felt awful and decided something had to change. I was determined to find a way to transition back to a plant-based diet to accommodate my crazy-busy schedule.

That’s why I decided to offer this interview series all around this topic- my own research project, to learn HOW to transition and maintain a plant-based diet when your very busy and on the go. And I am offering it to you as well-free!

This FREE Interview Series includes over 20 doctors, health coaches, nutritionists, celebrity chefs, athletes, health educators, and food bloggers in the plant-based field, coming together to teach you HOW to transition and maintain a plant-based diet when your very busy and on the go, and without a lot of money.

The summit starts Monday August 6. Here’s what’s going to be covered in the Deliciously Plant-Based: Discover How Simple and Tasty It Can Be to Eat Well! summit:

  • What do you eat on a plant-based diet
  • How to get your kitchen and pantry ready
  • How to save time in the kitchen to get meals prepared faster
  • How to make healthy plant-based meals taste delicious
  • How to prepare healthy and delicious plant-based meals in 15 to 30 minutes
  • Menu planning tips and suggestions

In my interview I’ll be sharing tips for making quick and easy meals for the week, and also talk about my plant-based journey!

Register here for “Deliciously Plant-Based,” to watch from your home, office, or on the go

Best in Health,


P.S. Many guests will be offering a free gift!

Again, here’s the registration link: http://deliciouslyplantbased.org/KP 

I have the greatest job in the world as a researcher of health, lifestyle, plant-based nutrition, and as a nutrition educator teaching others about the powers of a whole-food plant-based diet, as I get to be witness to countless people improving their health, gaining vitality, combating disease, and also eating in the most beneficial way to preserve our planet.
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