Climate Party!

 The Attainable Sustainable Solution

Kathy is author of the upcoming book about the connection between what we eat and its effect on climate change.  As a long-time plant-based nutritionist who happens to be married to one of our premiere climate modelers, the evidence became clear: The answer to combating global warming is on your plate!

We’ll keep you posted about the book launch here.

Get ready to change the daunting conversation over climate change into FUN, with solutions to curb your personal planet impact through your habits, largely with what you eat. We’ll serve up cuisine from regions around the world, offering a savory side dish of  better health and an optional dessert of weight management!  Warning – you may suck in some unintended science about your planet not on the menu!

Let’s get this party cruise sailing! It’s going to be a big planet party!

L.A. Diner!


My first beautiful plate that opens Chapter 1 of the book, artfully prepared and photographed by MariaYoungPhotography. I am proud!

  • All American Bean-Burger
  • Baked Fries
  • Vanilla Cashew Shake
  • Black Bean Brownie

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Rising Seas

Here’s a fascinating website,, with stark visualizations of potential sea-level rise around big cities. You can explore the world with their interactive maps! We’re using them as models in the upcoming Climate Party!  book – each chapter will open with a map, and another stunning visual to whet your appetite for saving the planet. Stay tuned!

Professor Hockey Stick

Check out this article about Professor Michael Mann and the reaction he got from his published “hockey stick” graph indicating how our planet has warmed since the Industrial Revolution. His story and research is featured in the upcoming book!